Exclusive Report: Saudi Military’s Official Magazine Promotes hatred of Jews & Christians


December 9, 2019


Washington DC – The Institute for Gulf Affairs is releasing a short report revealing the extremist contents of the Saudi military publications that may have triggered the Saudi military officer who killed three American navy sailors on Friday.


The report translates selections of the Saudi military’s official magazine (The Muslim Soldier) published the Saudi Ministry of Defense’s Department of Religious Affairs. The department is led by General Mohamed Abdulrahman AlSaadan, who also supervises the magazine.


The articles translated were all written by known extremist clerics with a long and public history of anti-Antisemitism, anti-Christian and anti-Shia hatred and some of supporting terrorism.


Just like the Saudi state was built on the extremist Wahhabi ideology, so is the Saudi military as shown in this and other publications.


This is a rush report due to time constraints but there is a large cache of Saudi military literature that read like ISIS publications. We aim to tackle that as a separate project in the future when resources are available.


Click for full report in PDF HERE


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