Special Report: Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Luhaidan


Washington DC – A Saudi government minister and Chief Justice instructed Saudis to fight American and Iraqi troops to raise the name of Allah, according to a secret recording obtained by IGA.  (Click Here To Listen to Audio Clip)

Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Luhaidan said although there are many men in Iraq fighting the American invaders, those who want to join the fight against, must be careful when entering Iraq because the borders maybe monitored by American planes and satellites.

He said that those can enter Iraq safely with the intention of raising the word of Allah, won’t be blamed. He also said that those who wish to fight (the Americans) need no permission from anyone, or need not be under a reputable leadership, but must dedicate their work to the sake of Allah.

Al-Luhaidan, made the remarks in October 2004 at a government mosque in Riyadh answering a group of Saudis who wanted to join terrorist organizations in Iraq.

Saudi Official Support of Terrorism in Iraq

Saudi official support of terrorism in Iraq is not limited to the religious institutions but extends to the Saudi Security apparatus.

Saudi Assistant Minister of Interior Mohamed Bin Naif who is in charge of fighting Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia is allegedly involved in supporting and allowing Saudis trickling into Iraq to join Zarqawi and other groups.

In June 5, 2004, a high ranking member of Al-Qaeda said in a taped statement prior to his capture August 5th that Mohamed Bin Naif has offered him a safe passage to Iraq.

Fares AlZahraini said that Shaikh Safar Al-Hawali who acted a mediator with Mohamed Bin Naif, told him via email that Bin Naif will protect and support him if he chose to travel to Iraq (1). (Click Here To Listen To Audio Clip)

In November, 26 Saudi clerics, 21 of them are government officials issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to join the fight against American troops and the Iraqi government (2). None of the clerics were questioned or punished by the government who is trying jailed democracy reformers. Shaikh Salman Al-Odeh, the principal figure of this fatwa, is closely tied to Mohamed Bin Naif.

Saudi Terrorism, Unabated After September 11

The majority of Arab terrorists and suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudis, according to a study by Global Research in International Affairs Center (GLORIA) (3).

The result of Saudi officials support for terrorist in Iraq has been deadly. Hundreds of American soldiers and thousand of Iraqi police, soldiers and civilians have been killed by suicide bombers since 2003.

In December 22, the son of a senior Saudi diplomat who held a diplomatic passport carried out the suicide attack that killed 19 US soldiers in a mess hall in Mousel.

According to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, 23 Americans soldiers were killed by suicide bombers, 101 killed by car bombs, 3 killed by suicide boat bomb, and one was killed by suicide truck bomb(4).

Saudi Double Talk on Terrorism: Reality and Public Relations

The Saudi Embassy in Washington DC published statements by several Saudi official clerics such as Luhaidan condemning terrorism. But the real face of Luhaidan came clear in the private recording (5). The embassy quoted Luhaidan’s and several government clerics condemning terrorism as part of a public relations effort to dispel the charge of terrorism against the Saudi government following the attacks of September 11, carried out by 15 Saudi hijackers plus four others.

Who is Al-Luhaidan?

Shaikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan is the President of the Supreme Judicial Council (Chief Justice) with a rank of a minister, and a member of Council of Senior Clerics, the highest religious body in the country and is appointed by the King. Luhaidan whose four-year term for both positions was renewed April 11 by the King, would oversea any trial of alleged Al-Qaeda Saudi terrorists if they occur.

The Supreme Judicial Council is responsible for reviewing all the capitol cases in the country such as murder, and terrorism. It acts as a Supreme Court. In addition the council is in charge of nationwide judicial appointments, promotion, and transfer.

The Saudi embassy Information and Islamic Affairs offices both distribute printed books and materials authored by Luhaidan. Neil Jubeir runs the Information Office and runs Misaed Al-Jarrah runs the office of Islamic Affairs.

Al-Luhaidn’s Ties with Saudi Crown Prince

According to Saudi press reports Saleh Al-Luhaidan meets frequently with Crown Prince Abdullah and other senior members of the ruling family. In April Al-Luhaidan met twice with Abdullah (6). (Click Here to See a Photograph of the meeting)

Complete English Text of Al-Luhaidan

President, Supreme Judicial Council and Chief Justice


(Unclear recording) – one of them asks, “We are a group of people who go to Iraq and Lebanon and they behave in accordance with this statement. Can we support them with money, provided that we know under which banner of jihad they operate, and provided that we are familiar with the mujahideen?”


Purely with regard to the men in Iraq — there are many men there. Entering Iraq has become risky now.  It requires avoiding those evil satellites and those drone aircraft, which own every corner of the skies over Iraq, and pay special attention to the borders, cutting the road before all who come and go.

If someone knows that he is capable of entering Iraq in order to join the fight, and if his intention is to raise up the word of God, then he is free to do so.

He who intends to donate money must be sure to verify that the people receiving it are capable of benefiting the cause, and that they are honest in what they say, because they might pocket the money and then go here or there without sound intentions. At this moment in time, we must proceed slowly, acting in accordance with the flow of events. At present the nights are pregnant, and we pray that their labor pains will be a defeat for the enemy.

Last week, after one of the daily lessons, one of the students came up to me and (unclear recording) he rejected what I had said to him, namely, that he who wages jihad needs no permission, nor must he be under a banner of jihad.   All that is required is that his actions conform to the rules of true jihad.  The lawfulness of his action actions is in [the fact that he is] fighting an enemy who is fighting Muslims and came for war.  The intention of the fighter must be to raise up the word of God. He [the student] disagreed and we had a discussion on this subject.

Arabic Text of Al-Luhaidan Remarks


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