Saudi School in Paris Teaches Violence against France


November 15, 2015
Washington DC – The Institute for Gulf Affairs is releasing a report on the Saudi government school in Paris and the content of its schoolbooks that promotes terrorism and hatred.
Some of the violent and extremist teachings include:
1- One lesson titled “The Danger of Crusades” states that there is an ongoing war between Muslims and Christians.
2- The lesson considers the French Revolution apostasy and deviant ideology; its followers are to be killed.
3- The killing of those who espouse secularism, and the killing of all Jews.
4- The text also legitimizes child marriage, and hand and leg amputation.
The report translated selections of the Saudi textbooks to French with copies of the Arabic original.
The Institute’s director travel to France and shared the attached French translations of these books with the French Foreign Ministry. IGA also shared the report with the French Embassy in Washington as well.

Report in French click HERE

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    Saudi School in Paris Teaches Violence against France

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