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Careers... Professional Positions There are currently no open positions, please check again soon.   Internship Positions The Institute For Gulf Affairs offers both full and part-time internships year around for

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Matthew Mainen

Matthew Mainen is a policy analyst at the Institute for Gulf Affairs, where he has been an associate since 2005. During this period, he has worked on numerous projects including IGA's groundbreaking analysis of Saudi Arabia's…

Logan Barclift

Logan Barclift is a Policy Analyst at the Institute for Gulf Affairs. He has a Masters' of Arts degree in International Affairs from the American University in Washington DC. His area of specialty is the Persian Gulf. He…

Ali Al-Ahmed

Ali Al-Ahmed is a Saudi scholar and expert on Saudi political affairs including: terrorism, Islamic movements, Wahhabi Islam, Saudi political history, Saudi-American relations, and the al-Saud family history. He is a writer, and