Video Exposes Saudi Special Forces’ Sectarian Doctrine


August 8, 2017

By IGA staff

Washington – A video of Saudi Special Forces have exposed the western trained and equipped forces’ sectarian doctrine.


The video taken today by a Saudi solider inside the besieged Shia city of Awamya showed him hurling secretin insults at Shia inhabitants and their faith inside a bombed out historical Shia mosque.


In one of the many videos that circulated on social media accounts, a Saudi solider enters the centuries-old AlFotya Shia mosque and says. “These are the Shia’s Hussainiyat, the Rafidi’s (rejectionists), the sons of dogs, thank you Allah, thank you Allah .. The monster forces.”


Rejectionist is a common slur used against the Shia by Wahhabis, especially in Saudi Arabia. It is the most common names used by ISIS for Shia Muslims. This is not the first video where Saudi soldiers attacking Awamya have recorded themselves using vulgar and sectarian language against Shia Arabs.


Hussainiyah is a community hall used by Shia Arabs for various social and religious gatherings. There are no licensed Hussainiyat in Saudi Arabia as the government refuse to register them, and are usually registered as homes.


Extremist and Sectarian by Nature

Saudi Special Forces and other elite forces are sectarian and ban Shia’s from serving in their ranks like most Saudi security and military agencies. The forces go through Wahhabi religious courses as per their training. The Saudi government bans Shia Arab from many officials positions including all local agencies which are staffed by Sunnis usually form outside the Shia dominated Eastern Province. SSF uses Canadian and German weapons including Terradyne.


The SSF are commanded by Lt. General Mufleh bin Saleem al-Otaibi and his deputy General Abdullah AlThumali. The Saudi government is considered the most anti-Shia government in the world, driven by its extremist Wahhabi doctrine adopted by the terror group ISIS.



Malik AlSaeed, a German-based activist from Awamya, commented on the video by saying; “Saudi security forces entered Awamya with sectarian motives as this security member showing in the video uses offensive & sectarian language against not only people of Awamya but against all Shia’s.”

Local activists accused and residence reported that Saudi soldiers of SSF have stolen millions of dollars in cash, jewelry, computers and other expensive properties during the 90 day campaign.


AlSaeed estimates the stolen properties to be more than $60 million and the damage to the city form bombing to be in the billions of dollars.


Saudi sources remain silence. The Saudi Special forces verified twitter account @ssf_ksa refused to answer any questions. The Saudi embassy in Washington, which bans Shia’s in its entire history from serving, refused to comment. Pro-government Saudi writer Ahmed Adnan also declined to comment on the video.


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