Look Who’s Talking: Sectarianism, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia


Contact: Christopher Denbow
Wednesday, 2 July 2014
Washington, DC – The Institute for Gulf Affairs released a comparative analysis on sectarianism and marginalization in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

This 20-page analysis takes into consideration the recent allegations of sectarianism and marginalization against the Iraqi government made by the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud AlFaisal, ironically, one of the most sectarian Saudi officials.

View the report here

The report details the composition of the Iraqi and Saudi cabinets, supreme courts and the provincial governors to compare the sectarian policies in the two countries. The report highlights the divides that exist in both countries, particularly as it can be applied to representation in the national and local governments.

The report concludes that Saudi Arabia is guiltier of sectarian and marginalization policies than Iraq, which has included nearly all of its ethnic and religious communities in the top and mid-level political and security apparatuses at the national and local levels.

The report highlights the American and international media’s failure to reflect the realities in both Iraq and Saudi Arabia on the issue of sectarianism and marginalization.

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