SAUDI PIPELINE OF HATE: From Grade School to the Military, To Public Broadcasting



October 6, 2020

Washington DC – The Institute for Gulf Affairs is releasing a report revealing the extremist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Shia & Anti-Christian contents of senior Saudi officials and literature in schools and military publications.

Just like the Saudi Monarchy’s state was built on the extremist Wahhabi ideology, so is the Saudi military and educational system as shown in this and other publications.

The first part reveals Saudi official curriculums that is still rive with hate of world religions and of non-Wahhabi Muslims. Lessons include the teaching of annihilating the entirety of the Jewish adherents. Shia Muslims, who make up over 25% of Saudi population, and Christians are also targeted with explicit or disguised hate.

Another part of the report translates selections of the Saudi military’s official magazine (The Muslim Solider) published the Saudi Ministry of Defense’s Department of Religious Affairs. The department is led by General Mohamed Abdulrahman AlSaadan, who also supervises the magazine.

The articles translated were written by known extremist clerics with a long and public history of anti-Semitism, anti-Christiana and anti-Shia hatred and some of supporting terrorism.

The third part of the report reveals Anti-Semitic sermons by Dr. Mohamed Al-Issa the current head of the Saudi government-controlled the World Muslims League (WML) and former minister of justice. Al-Issa who received from several American Jewish organizations this summer for combating Anti-Semitism can be clearly heard condemning Jews and their faith.

The links to both Al-Issa’s sermons and to the Saudi military magazine has since been removed due to our reporting, but we have copies of both. They are available upon request and will be uploaded via IGA website.

To See Full Report click HERE

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