Hillary Clinton Campaign Funded by Saudi Government, Saudi Official


IGA Staff
June 12, 2016

Washington DC – In an unusual admission that may impact the American presidential elections, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince, Defense Minister and son of Saudi King, Mohamed bin Salman told Jordanian State Agency, Petra News, his government funds the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton with millions of dollars.

His comments were made on the eve of his arrival to the United States for an official visit during which he will meet President Obama and House Speaker Paul Rayan among other senior American officials.
This is the segment where he discusses funding the Clinton campaign.

–Saudi Arabia always has sponsored both Republican and Democratic Party of America and in America current election also provide with full enthusiasm 20% of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s election even though some events in the country don’t have a positive look to support the king of a woman for presidency.
-We are pleased that the vast majority of Saudi Arabia ‘s foreign exchange reserves is in America and America and the United Nations know that Saudi Arabia is a power and should not ignore it.

-This travel is a historic travel for me.–

US laws forbids the direct and indirect foreign funding of US elections, but there has not been a single case brought against presidential candidate for violating these laws.

Mohamed bin Salman and former President Bill Clinton met in Washington in September of 2015 at the Four Seasons’ hotel weeks before he signed a lucrative lobbying deal with one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aids, John and Tony Podesta.

The Podesta Group headed by Hillary Clinton major fundraiser Tony Podesta is scheduling Bin Salman’s program which includes visiting Google and the US Chamber of Commerce in addition to leading military industry CEO’s.

Link to the report before it was removed hours ago:
Important Parts of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Statements before Traveling to U.S.

ولي ولي العهد السعودي يتوجه إلى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية


To view the original Arabic story saved form Petra state agency click HERE

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