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Is Saudi Arabia ramping up the campaign against religious scholars?

Al Jazeera English, Inside Story — May 23, 2019

>> “What the Saudi government and monarchy has been doing over the years is allowing the extremists to fester and targeting the real threat, which is the moderates…”

New York Times — May 14, 2019

>> Mr. Al-Ahmed had encountered what a new report from Citizen Lab, a research group at the University of Toronto, says is a pro-Iranian influence operation that used elaborate look-alike websites and social media to spread bogus articles online and to attack Iran’s adversaries.

Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people, mostly minority Shiites, convicted of terrorism

Los Angeles Times (AP) — April 23, 2019

>> Dissident Ali Ahmed, who runs the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, D.C., identified 34 of those executed as Shiites based on the names announced by the Interior Ministry….

Is Trump’s Anti-Iran Arab Coalition Falling Apart? Egypt Reportedly Withdraws From ‘Arab NATO’

Newsweek — April 11, 2019

>> Ali Al-Ahmed, a Saudi scholar and expert on Saudi political affairs with the Washington-based Institute for Gulf Affairs, said that the “Egyptian withdrawal is a huge blow to the Arab NATO idea.” He predicted that “other countries will leave as well, and the Arab NATO will properly die not far in the future.”

Saudi Arabia Releases 3 Women’s Rights Activists from Prison, Others Still Held

NPR — March 28, 2019

>> Ali al-Ahmed, an exiled Saudi opposition leader and director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, told NPR the release of the three activists “is a product of international pressure” after the arrests and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi scholar detained in crackdown dies – activists

TRT World — January 21, 2019

>> “The severity has increased. This is the highest rate of death in Saudi history due to torture.”