Help US stop the humanitarian crisis in Yemen


April 29, 2015

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Washington DC –The Institute for Gulf Affairs has launched the American Task Force for Yemen (ATFY), a working group called to end the Saudi-led war in Yemen that is taking a devastating humanitarian toll on the country. Over 2000 Yemeni civilians have been killed and many others thousands have been injured by the war. The Saudi-led war machine has placed a complete blockade on the country preventing the delivery of food and medicine to the poorest Arab country and causing a humanitarian crisis.

The goals of ATFY are as follows:
1- Raise awareness within the US government, the UN Security Council and other domestic and international governing bodies about the ILLEGALITY of the Saudi war in Yemen.

2- Work with Congress and the U.S. State Department to bring an end to the war.


3- Advocate with the American and international agencies including USAID, Red Cross, UNICEF, OXFAM and others for the delivery of immediate relief to the Yemeni people. Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, depends on imports for over 90% of its food and medical supplies. Due to the complete blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, Yemen is facing severe shortages of both.

4- Reach out to American and other Western media outlets to convey to them the true extent of the crisis in Yemen

5. – Organize events in the U.S. Congress and UN to draw attention to the real situation in Yemen and provide a global platform where Yemeni voices can be heard.

6- Connect Yemeni activists and voices within Yemen to the international media.

7 – Raise the target amount of $85,000 to fund the activities of the working group.

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