The Gulf Institute’s director pointed Osama Ben Laden hideout in 2009


May 5, 2011

In November 18, 2009 IGA Director Ali Al-Ahmed spoke at AEI’s Critical Threats briefing concerning Pakistan’s war in Waziristan and the security implications of that conflict.

One of the topics that came up was the location of senior Al-Qaeda leadership. Al-Ahmed gave his own analysis that it was highly unlikely that Bin Laden was in Waziristan or in a mountain hideout citing the example of September 11 masterminded Khalid Sheik Mohammed who was captured in an upscale apartment in Rawalpindi.

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Al-Ahmed also cited the ties many in Al-Qaeda have to allies in the Pakistani security services. He concluded by remarking that it seemed most likely that Bin Laden would be found in an upscale residence somewhere near Islamabad. 
Al-Ahmed’s analysis was on target and proven right after the killing of Osama Bin Laden this week in a mansion outside Islamabad.
Al-Ahmed’s expertise and knowledge on Bin Laden was evident in November of 2001 when he deciphered the video tape captured by American forces in Kandahar, Afghanistan in a Ben Laden hideout. The Pentagon and the State Department both failed to accurately translate the tape but it was by Al-Ahmed. The story received massive national and international attention.

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