Exclusive: Alleged UAE Spies in Turkey Used Fake Names to Operate

UAE Uses an Army of Palestinian Agents for External Ops


April 29, 2019
By Ali AlAhmed

Washington DC – A Palestinian man, accused of being a spy for UAE in Turkey and found dead in his cell Sunday, used a UAE passport with a fake name, IGA has learned.

Zaki Yousef Mubark Hasan used the name of Abdulrahman Bin Rashid bin Said, a common Emirati name, on his UAE passport to enter Turkey according to our sources who wish to remain anonymous.

The other alleged spy Samer Sameeh Shabaan used the name Mushari Ez Zeydi, on his UAE passport to enter Turkey.

The source familiar with the investigation told IGA, that the pair traveled to many countries but did not reveal if they entered the United States. An FBI source who asked to remain anonymous told IGA on Monday that the agency was trying to find out whether the pair has entered the United States. IGA has previously learned that the FBI was investigating an alleged UAE spy in West Virginia.

The Turkish government arrested the pair on April 19 on suspicion of spying on Palestinians and other Arab nationals in Turkey for the UAE government, according to Turkish press reports and statements by Turkish government.

The UAE government employs thousands of Palestinians in its security apparatus inside and outside the country. Former PLO strongman Mohamed Dhahlan is reported to lead much of these hired guns, including mercenaries and kill teams in Yemen.

Before moving to the UAE in 2010 and acquiring citizenship in that country Dhahlan led the Palestinian Authority’s National Security Council and spearheaded the establishment of Palestinian militias in Gaza in cooperation with the CIA and the Israeli government.

Dhalan is an adviser to UAE strongman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed.

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