Dr. Majeed H. Alsikafi IGA Board Member Passes Away


Washington DC – The Institute for the Gulf Affairs, the oldest organizations in the United States and Europe that is dedicated to cover the Gulf Arab States sadly reports the passing of our founding board member Dr. Majeed H. Alsikafi Ph.D. whose life ended on Friday January 18, 2019 Richmond, Virginia.

Alsikafi was a Professor Emeritus at the University of Alabama Department of Political Science. He holds the M.A. Oklahoma State University and Ph.D. Louisiana State University. Professor Alsikafi has also held Visiting Professor at Dokkyo University in Saitama, Japan in 1989. Areas of teaching included Political Psychology, Political Sociology, Organizational Theory and Sociopolitical System of Japan. Among recent publications are “The Subjectivity of Attribution”, in Education and Society, 1992; “A New Japanese Business Paradigm” Dokkyo International Review, 1996; “The Politics of Trade Conflict Between Japan and the United States” Dokkyo International Review, 1997.

We share our condolences with his family and the academic community as well. We have lost a man of great knowledge and dedication. He will be greatly missed.

He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

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