Conference- U.S. GCC Summit: Business as Usual?


Contact: Sayan Das Gupta
T: 202-466-9500

May 8, 2015
Watch live starting 11:00 AM

Washington, DC – The Institute for Gulf Affairs is holding a conference on the U.S. GCC Summit. Gulf Cooperation Council leader will arrive for a two-day summit with President Barack Obama on May 13-14 in the White House and Camp David to discuss various political issues including Iran nuclear deal, Yemen and Syria among others.

The event will feature native political and human rights speakers and experts from several Gulf countries and Yemen to talk about the issues that should be included in the summit’s agenda, including putting an end to the Saudi war on Yemen, the abysmal human rights records in the GCC, the lack of public participation in the political-decision making process, and the undue U.S. support to the absolute Gulf Monarchies.

The speakers will discuss the U.S GCC Summit and the implication for the region where thousands of political prisoners remain in jailed across the GCC countries including lawyers, poets, writers and religious leaders. Over 200 protesters have been killed by the governments of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Gulf countries remains the leading financial, political and ideological source of ISIS & AlQaeda terrorism.

This event will also address the humanitarian crisis and the political implications of the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

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Location: US House of Representatives Cannon Building, room 402
Date: May 11, 2015
Time: 11 AM -12:30 PM

Matar Matar, political activist & former member of Bahrain Parliament (Bahrain)
Ambassador Fadhl Almaghafi, Dean of the Diplomatic Institute, (Yemen) (Invited)
Nabhan Alhanshi, director, the Monitor of Human Rights (Oman)
Harun Ahmed, former Saudi diplomat (Saudi Arabia)
Ali AlAhmed, director, The Institute for Gulf Affairs

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