New Analyst Joins IGA: Ahmed Abdulhussain


  Ahmed AbdulHusain

Ahmed Abdulhussain is a policy analyst on Bahrain at the Gulf Institute and head of the American Task Force for Bahrain, New York branch.

Ahmed Abdulhussain is a Law LL.B., from Bahrain. He is a political analyst and human-rights activist, poet and blogger. He received his early education in Cambridge, UK to complete high school, and subsequently to London where he attended law school. He currently resides in New York City to enhance his professional legal credentials as Attorney-at-Law. 

His political activities commenced in 2005 in Cambridge UK after being elected into office of Student Congressman by his peers. He held multiple debates and discussions over religious, political and social matters in Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon and Portugal while in Cambridgshire.

Mr. Abdulhussain discussed Bahraini political developments in a range of public platforms e.g. on-campus discussions at Universities (SOAS, UCL, Imperial College, and Westminster), Muslim places of worship and the British Library.

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