A Saudi dissident suing Twitter over a massive 2016 hack says the platform’s incompetence got multiple whistleblowers killed

Business Insider

  • In July 2020, the US accused two Saudi nationals employed by Twitter of hacking accounts critical of the kingdom and passing their personal information to Saudi intelligence.
  • One of those allegedly hacked in 2016 was Ali al-Ahmed, a Saudi scholar and activist living in exile in the US.
  • He is currently suing Twitter for damages, saying the 2016 breach led to the deaths of his whistleblower sources in Saudi Arabia.
  • Al-Ahmed said the people identified in the breach, many who used anonymous accounts to pass him information, have since been targeted in Saudi Arabia.
  • “I know some of them have died, many have been tortured, and remain behind bars,” al-Ahmed told Business Insider.
  • Twitter declined to comment.

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